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Let's Bond

The Post Purchase Company

We enable digital native brands to provide their online customers with an outstanding post-purchase experience that impacts sales, retention, and satisfaction.


The Post Purchase Operating System 

We've deployed a technology-driven network of neighborhood-level distribution centers

that are managed by local teams. This enables us to store your goods close to your customers, get to them faster and when it's most convenient

In City Storage

Scheduled Delivery

Seamless Returns

The Post Purchase Product Features

Scheduled Delivery

Offer your customers a delightful delivery experience. We’re talking scheduled, same-day,

hand-delivered friendly drop-offs.

Live Tracking

Enable your customers to know where their package is, real-time of arrival, and the delivery team (Bondr) details.

Talk with your Bondr 

Ask, talk, chat and communicate with your Bondr, for any reason in any time, from the moment of the purchase until the happy moment of receiving the package.

Scheduled Returns

A no-muss-no-fuss return experience. Our local team will contact, schedule and pick up the products from your customers’ doorstep.

Does Post Purchase Matter? Hell Yeah!


Of your online customers

experience disappointment

Mainly during Post Purchase


Of online shoppers would not return to a brand after a bad last-mile experience


Satisfied consumers from last-mile delivery spend 12% more at the retailer

We offer seamless integration with all e-commerce platforms